About the first FMovies site

As many of you already know, the original FMovies site has been closed down since 2017 when they upset some people from Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and then the Vietnamese Government shutted the site down due to the pressure made by MPAA. In that moment it seemed pretty serious but it turned out it wasn't a big problem because the staff behind FMovies came back in a short time with even more than one streaming sites, based on the technology they previously used on FMovies. It was just a matter of time until other developers started to create sites using the name of FMovies too and soon nobody knew anymore who's the original site and who's a clone because there were just too many sites with the same brand name.

When did FMovies become popular?

As you can see, FMovies is a mirror site for the original FMovies which means you get access for free to a big collection of movies and series, all available in HD quality without registration, pretty much the same thing as on the old FMovies, but with some improvements and cool features that we've implemented on our mirror site. GoT from our name comes, almost obviously, from Game of Thrones. This tv show has been the most pirated serie of all times and this fact gave a lot of popularity to the free streaming sites like FMovies. In particular, our GoT site became very popular and gained a lot of fans during the last season of Game of Thrones and that can only make us happy.
FMovies rebranding into new F-Movies?
Even if we spent a very long time working with the FMovies brand name, it is time for some major changes and we are happy to announce that FMovies is now 123Movies. This is a completely new streaming website with a lot of changes, improvements and cool features that are waiting for you to discover them. FMovies has been created in order to offer the best online place where you can watch all your favorite movies and series for free in HD quality. Besides the massive collection available on FMovies, it also benefits of new functions that you won't see anywhere else.

When browsing FMovies, we also recommend you to access the News section to keep yourself up to date when it comes to the movies industry. News section works just like a normal blog where we are constantly posting useful and interesting articles. On FMovies site you can find articles with recommendations for similar sites where you can watch movies, top the best movies and series that you should view, how to watch tutorials, gossip about actors and many more topics. A part of our team is working everyday to keep the blog section updated with latest news and also, in the same time, we do not neglect our database of movies and series because we are publishing some new productions from the cinema once every few hours.